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Important Notice

Starting from 26 January 2021, The Chinese Embassy in Denmark only accepts HS QR code or HDC QR code applications for Chinese and Danish citizens residing in Denmark who will take Air China's direct flight from Copenhagen to Beijing, and will no longer accept HS QR code or HDC QR code applications for others. Please do not choose flight connecting to Beijing via Copenhagen. Passengers from other countries will not be able to get a HS QR code or HDC QR code in Copenhagen.

Starting from 28 January 2021, all Chinese and foreign passengers transferring via Denmark bound for cities except for Beijing in China have to obtain HS QR code or HDC QR code from the Chinese embassy or consulate of the departing countries and take Covid-19 PCR/Nucleic Acid Test and the IgM anti-body tests in recognized testing institution at Kastrup airport (see attached), board the plane with a valid HS QR code or HDC QR code issued from the Chinese Embassy in Denmark.

In case of any discrepancy between this Notice and the previous relevant notices, this Notice shall prevail.

        Airport Doctor (https://www.airportdoctor.dk/)

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