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Speech by Ambassador MME Deng Ying at the Welcome Ceremony of the Giant Pandas

(4th April, 2019, Kastrup Airport)

Minister Elleman Jensen, Minister Bock

Ambassador Damsgaard,

Mr. Chairman of Copenhagen ZOO,

Mr. CEO of the Airport,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good Evening!

I am very happy to witness this historic moment with friends from China and Denmark. With blessings from both President Xi and Her majesty the Queen, and the continuous support from the Prime Minister himself, the giant pandas "Xing Er" and "Mao Er " have arrived in Copenhagen.

Here, I would like to express our thanks to the Danish Foreign Ministry, China National Forestry and Grassland Administration, Chinese Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Chinese Association of Zoological Gardens, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Copenhagen Zoo, BIG Group and the construction team for Panda House, Sichuan Airlines and Scandinavian Airlines, as well as those who have dedicated their energy and time to this joint project from both China and Denmark. And congratulations on the much-anticipated arrival of the two giant pandas!

Giant Pandas are national treasures of China and symbol of peace. They are with distinctive black patches around their eyes, over the ears, and across their round bodies. They can sometimes be very shy, yet remain the cute and happy creature reflecting the hygge way of life.

Today, the two giant pandas made their new home in Copenhagen, from the other side of the earth. They bring along Chinese people's yearning for a better life, aspirations for peace and friendship to the Danish people, bridging the Chinese Dream and the Danish Dream and enriching our deep bond. I believe that Xing Er and Mao Er will be living happily ever after in Denmark and make a lot of good friends here.

My friends,

China and Denmark have gone through the first decade of our comprehensive strategic partnership.

We are pleased to witness ever-deepening mutual trust, ever-flourishing cooperation, ever-frequent people-to-people and cultural exchanges between the two countries. We are also happy to see that at the beginning of a new decade, our joint efforts in the joint research to protect giant pandas have borne fruits. It would definitely inject new vitality into our bilateral relations.

Spring has all the essence of the year and one should start early. So let us seize the opportunity and join hands in continuing the fairytales of the two giant pandas, and composing a new chapter in the concerto of friendship for the new decade.

Thank you!

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